About Me – Shod Harris


I’m a Virginia-based digital media strategist with a wide-ranging background in content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and brand strategy, I help unconventional and innovative brands their voice, generate engagement, and increase their revenue. My mission is to share business practices with creatives and entrepreneurs that will help them manifest their goals. This is important to me because I’m on that journey as well money.


I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and I am sure I am the best gift to Irving and Bridget Harris- the parentals. I played sports all throughout my childhood, which was fun, but I also had a love for being creative and selling things that I created.  I used to create comic books and write my own stories.  Most of my topics were centered around characters that resembled Power Rangers and X-Men.

As a black kid growing up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I bought into the false premise that you could only be successful if you worked at the shipyard or worked in the government.  Somewhere along my journey, I rebeled against that thought and chose a completely different career path.  My mission is to show other black and kids that you can make a good living for yourself and live a happier life by doing exactly what you want to do in life and make from doing it. 

My short term goal is to become the leading voice in unconventional and innovative entrepreneurship.  Long term, I plan to make my company, The Rebel Society into the greatest digital media marketing agency in the country and work on the most unconventional projects this country has yet to see.

I began my professional career by creating my first music platform, NewBloodMusic which was dedicated to the local music industry.  Running that site helped me transition into handling digital marketing for a local record label, Mic Fiend Music.  Once that label ran its course, I decided to make my newly aquired marketing skills the foundation for my co-owned agency, Revo Media.  This is where we worked with small businesses as well as music artists to create a digital brand.  We ran this company for a couple of years and then my partner, KG and I decided to part ways and that led to me creating my own agency, The Rebel Society.

The Rebel Society is a digital media marketing agency that works with unconventional and innovative businesses and personal brands, creating outside of the box content.  This agency started officially in 2013, and became my fulltime venture in 2016.  The company provides content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, website design, etc.

There are a few projects we’ve worked on that I still consider my favorite campaigns.   Phil the Thrill’s EP series which led him to be featured on numerous blogs and magazines.  Working with women’s fitness gym/ juice bar, Fit Bar, was an awesome project because we were able to take a brand that was tarnished by a natural disaster and resurrect it using some outside of the box content ideas feel-good.no /denna bloggartikel för tannbleking test av feel-good.no.

I’m a huge wrestling fan, the day that I saw Ron Simmons become the first black heavyweight champion in 1992, changed my life and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Jay-Z is my favorite rapper but I feel like Kanye West has the greatest discography in music history.  I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan but I hate that we keep having 8-8 seasons.  I also feel like The Wire and Sons Of Anarchy are some of the greatest shows ever created.