FAQs – Shod Harris


♦ What type of clients do you normally work with?

I pride myself on working with very unconventional businesses and personal brands who are looking to do things completely outside of the box.  If you have a brand and you want to grow your brand exactly the same way someone else is doing it, then there are good chances I’m not the person for you.

♦ When do I know when I will need your services?

We feel like a client will need our services when they feel like what they are doing online isn’t leading to more people knowing about them or more sales.

♦ What do you consider unconventional brands?

To me unconventional brands are businesses that are completely outside of the norm, such as tattoo shops, fitness gyms, clothing/ shoe brands, brewerys, etc.  I also work with brands that are in conventional industries such as restaurants, hospitality, events, etc but do it in a completely outside of the box way. 

♦ Can I just book a video/ photo shoot with you?

Unfortunately not.  We do way more than just photo and video work.  All of our services come with marketing, so to get more info on our packages you can see what I offer by setting up a discovery call

♦ How can I book your services?

Once you schedule a discovery call and we see if we are a good fit for each other, we will offer the package that meets your specific needs.

♦ How do I pay you? 

Invoices are sent within our project management system and can be paid with all debit and major credit cards. 

♦ What camera do you use? 

Currently shooting with a Canon EOS R as my primary camera setup.